Problem Resolution

In an effort to prevent or reduce workplace conflict, Goodwill promotes a problem resolution and an open door process before the issue becomes a true complaint. The intent of this policy and the process is to provide a fair, equitable, and effective means for resolving problems at the earliest opportunity, at the lowest organizational level, and to the mutual satisfaction of all parties. We believe that this process will initiate better communication and early resolution of concerns by:

  • Providing information that will address specific workplace issues and concerns.
  • Providing, when appropriate, neutral complaint resolution assistance to address employee and management concerns.

Suggested procedures are as follows:

Step I: The supervisor will explain the job and what is expected of the employee. If there is anything the employee does not understand he or she is responsible for seeking clarification.

Step II: If possible, when the problem first occurs, give the offending party the first opportunity to explain themselves or correct him or herself. Discuss the problem openly and honestly. Most problems can be resolved at this step.

Step III: If the other party is not agreeable in resolving the problem, seek help from the supervisor. In many cases, the supervisor and the parties involved will be able to resolve the problem through an open group discussion.

The employee – supervisor relationship is extremely important. It is important that any problems be discussed openly so that a fair solution can be reached. It is everyone’s responsibility to help maintain good working relationships by discussing their problems and cooperating to resolve the issues. The best way to develop a lasting relationship with the supervisor is to be honest, open, and frank.

All supervisors will maintain an open door policy, allowing employees to discuss any questions, problems, complaints or suggestions that may arise as a result of the job. Any employee that does not believe they are able to reach a resolution through the open door policy may follow the complaint resolution process.