Complaint Resolution Procedure

The following complaint procedure has been established for the benefit and use of Goodwill employees and program participants to provide an effective and acceptable means to bring problems and complaints concerning their well-being at work to the attention of management. Through open communications employees can deal directly with the people within our organization. Each employee is an individual, having the right to speak for himself/herself.

An employee or program participant who feels that he/she has been treated unjustly or inequitably in connection with his/her work, and who has been unable to resolve the issue per the problem resolution/open door process, may submit complaints as follows:

Step One
A.) The employee submits his/her complaint, in writing*, within 5 working days to his/her appropriate division director. If the complaint involves the division director, then the employee will proceed to Step Two).
B.) The division director has 5 working days to render a decision, in writing, to the employee.

Step Two
A.) If Step One does not produce the desired outcome, the employee may elevate the matter in writing* to the Vice President of the division within 5 working days.
B.) The Vice President of the division will render a decision within 3 working days, in writing.

Step Three
A.) If Step Two does not produce the desired outcome, the employee may submit their complaint in writing* to the President/CEO. This submittal must be within 3 working days of receipt of the decision rendered by the Vice President of the division.
B.) Upon receipt of the written complaint, the President/CEO will review and render a decision in writing within 5 working days. The decision rendered by the President/CEO will be considered the final decision of the agency and will complete the internal resolution process.

* If an individual needs an accommodation made for him/her based on a disability or impairment, one will be provided.